“Wholesaling Bank Owned Properties” is written by well known real estate expert Lex Levinrad who is the founder and CEO of the Distressed Real Estate Institute. Lex has authored 7 books about investing in real estate and is a nationally recognized real estate author, coach and speaker who has shared the stage with some of the countries best real estate speakers.

In this book about wholesaling bank owned properties, Lex teaches new real estate investors how to make money in real estate by wholesaling and flipping properties that are in some stage of foreclosure or pre-foreclosure as with bank owned REO properties and short sales.

This book offers a concise explanation for new real estate investors on how wholesaling real estate works, how to get started looking for properties to wholesale, how to make offers on bank owned properties and how to get these offers accepted, how to find cash buyers for your wholesale real estate deals and how to wholesale the property for a good profit to a cash buyer.

All stages of the wholesaling process especially for a bank owned property are covered from start to finish and explained thoroughly. Topics covered include how to get the cash and training to get started wholesaling and flipping houses, how to partner with real estate investors who have cash, how to get transactional funding for your wholesale flips, double closings and working with Title Companies and how to succesfully complete a double close and walk away from the closing with a cashiers check (and a nice profit).

This book is offered at the Distressed Real Estate Boot Camp which teaches new real estate investors how to wholesale real estate and flip houses twice a year in South Florida. This book is given to all real estate investors that attend the Distressed Real Estate Boot Camp and is included as part of the required training material.

The author of this book offers readers the opportunity to learn more about the Distressed Real Estate Boot Camp and also provides a brief explanation and description about the Distressed Real Estate Institute Boot Camp, Partnership and Mentoring Programs.I really enjoyed and learned a lot by reading this book. Any real estate investors looking to wholesale bank owned properties should read it!
Great book by Lex Levinrad. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in learning about wholesaling bank owned properties.
Very informative and interesting book about wholesaling bank owned properties and short sales. If you are an investor in real estate I strongly recommend that you read it!
Yites! I recently spent lots & lots of cash to learn ( from a certain TV “flip” personality, what I just got for a small cost from your book. Excellent info
Amazing review and teaching process of how to learn the process of distressed real estate. If you want to begin in the business this is the way to go.
I haven’t read the book yet, but get extremely frustrated when I see red flags of fake reviews…. several 5 star ratings that have a very similar write up and by users who have no other reviews other than for this book. It makes me question the author’s integrity and expertise in real estate.
The author has put together a great resource that can clear the muddy waters of the bank owned property market. If you follow this books advice, you will be well on your way to becoming a successful wholesale bank owned property investor.Laurence SamuelsCo-Author of Real Estate Tax Deed Investing: How We Made Over One Million Dollars in Two Years